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Hollmann Hans-Erich
BUREAU COMMAND OFFICE OF A.C. OF S.  G-2. Brought to the U.S.A. at the request of the USN.


I.	Name: 	HOLLMANN, Hans Erich

		Permanent Address: Querweg 6


II.	Physical Description:

	Age: 48; Height, 6'1"; Weight, 150 lbs.;

	Eyes, Brown; Hair; Grey; Complexion, Ruddy;

	Distinguishing Marks, None

	Physical Condition, Good

III.	Personal Data;

	Date of Birth, 4 November 1899; Place, Solingen (Rhineland)

	Present Citizenship, German

	Religion: Protestant

	Marital Status: Married; Dependents, 5

	Wife's Name: Gisela (Schimmelbusch)  Age 39

	Address, Landshut Housing Project, Landshut, Bavaria

	Children's Names:

		Martin (M)	Age  6

		Christa (F)	Age  3

 		Gabriele (F)	Age 1 1/2

	Other Dependents,

 		Hanna Schimmelbusch.  Age 68 (Mother-in-Law)

IV.	Education:

Institution		Name & Place	Major Subject	Years	Degree

High School	Gynamisum, Solingen		12	Arbitur (Grad. Dip)


Inst. of Tech. 	Techn. Hochschule	Elec. Engineering 	 9	Dr. Ing.

Institute 		Heinrich-Hertz Inst.	Physics 		 4 	Dr. Habil (Prof.)


V.	Language:  French - Good;  English - Fair

VI.	Principal Occupation:  Physicist

VII	Employment History:

Employer & Address		Dates, Position, Nature of Work

University, Jena		1947; Professor for high-frequency and 

			(University of Jena) electromedicin. RM  6,600 yearly.

Siemens Werke, Arnstadt 	1946; Scientific advisor in the field of

(Siemens Factory) Arnstadt	frequency modulation and television. RM  12,000 yearly.
Zentralwerke Bleicherode 	1945; Research on transmission evaluation. RM  24,000 yearly.

(Central Factory of  

Forschungranstalt for 		1942; Worked in the field of high

Funk und Tonfilmtechnik,	frequency, low frequency, acoustics,

Berlin (Research Inst. for	photography and film.  RM  18,000 yearly.

Radio and Sound Motion

Pictures Technic, Berlin)
GEMA,  Berlin 		1935-37; Scientific worker on radio measuring technic. 

			RM  2,000 yearly.
Labortories for 		1930; Research on high frequency,  ultra-short waves,micro waves,

Hochfrequenztechnik 		electrocardiography. RM 4,000 yearly.

und Elektromedicin, 	

Berlin (Laboratory for High 

Frequency and Electromedicine, Berlin
Radio Patents Corp.		1930-33, Patent agreement. RM  5,000 yearly.

Telefunken, Berlin		1933; Activities in the field of ultra-short waves and high 

Radio Corp. Berlin		frequency.  RM  3,000 yearly.

Heinrich-Hertz Inst.,		1930; Assistant, worked on high and low frequency. RM 3,000 yearly.

Deutsche Forschungs		1928-30; Worked on ultra-short and decimeter waves. RM  3,000 yearly.

Gemeinschaft (German 	 

Research Society)

VIII.	Published Writings, Patents, etc.:
  • About 100 articles in the field of high frequency, ultra-short
    waves, micro waves and electromedicine.
  • Two books "Physic & Technic of Ultra-short Waves" in 1936.
  • A special publication about "Radio and Telephone Technics in 1943.
  • A special publication about Development & of Decimeter Waves.
  • Approximately 300 Patents in Electro-Technic and Physics.
IX.	Honorary Awards, Membership in Professional 

	Associated Member of the Institute of Radio Engineer.

XI.	Political Activities:

	Prior to 1933: None

	After 1933:  DAF (German Labor Party) 1939-43

		  Reichsluftschutzbund (RS Air Raid Protection Society) 1939-45

XII.	Record of Arrests: 5000 RM fine for insulting NS official, 1941.

XIII.	Travel:

	Country	Years	Activities

	Switzerland 	1932	Legal Advisor

 	Switzerland	1934	Legal Advisor

	Italy		1938	Vacation

	Switzerland	1939	Vacation


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